Unemployment During the Coronavirus Pandemic: How to Alleviate Stress and Financial Fear

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Dealing with the higher risks of Coronavirus infection causes a great amount of stress. The fear of catching the virus while being immune suppressed due to chemotherapy, radiation or surgery due to cancer, can radically decrease quality of life. Women of 20-33, in California. Please Join our chat- based support group and make sure you’re not alone. You can learn from others’ experiences and coping methods, and acquire relaxation techniques.

About Anna Fautz

A Licensed Clinical Social Work, and a Doctoral Candidate. Anna has a wealth of experience conducting chat-based emotional support groups. Highlights of her groups include semi-structured programming, with a focus on group process. She has experience in clinical case management and individual therapy. She is passionate about working with groups and individuals to overcome adversity through fostering personal resilience and building positive relationships.

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