Supporting the Anxious Child During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Group Facilitator | Shani Stone

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Being a parent during the Coronavirus era is a major challenge. Managing children’s fears about Coronavirus, and your own anxiety of your kids becoming infected can be horrifying. Specifically now, you are supposed to portray leadership, calmness, and make your kids believe that this is not as scary as it seems. This is hard to accomplish when you yourself are stressed, depressed and feeling helpless in the face of what is going on. You should meet other parents in our support groups and share your stories, your pain, hardships and inner fears. Join our group and get support in safe, non-judgmental environment, with a professional facilitator.

About Shani Stone

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker by the State of Massachusetts with BSW from Bar Ilan University and MSW from Yeshiva University. Shani has a very diverse experience working with kids, youth at risk and families that struggle with severe stress and trauma situations. Shani is a certified Trauma-Informed Practice therapist.

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