Parkinson Patients Conquering Anxiety, Fears and Stress During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Age Range: 40-50

Group Facilitator | Rajeli Epstein

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Dealing with the higher risks of Coronavirus infection causes a great amount of stress. The fear of catching the virus while being immune suppressed while dealing with Parkinson and medications, can radically decrease quality of life. We invite men and women age 40-50, in California. Please Join our chat- based support group and make sure you’re not alone. You can learn from others’ experiences and coping methods, and build resilience tools.

About Rajeli Epstein

Racheli is a Clinical Psychologist with experience working in hospitals with individuals and families dealing with difficult situations, at-risk youth, and as a private psychotherapist. She is passionate about providing emotional assistance and making support more accessible for those who seek it.

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