Managing LIfe’s Daily Challenges Big and Small: Parenting During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Group Facilitator | Anna Fautz

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As mothers, we feel the daily overload of our routine with children, chores, and always searching for the work-home balance. Currently, during this Coronavirus period, we are faced to deal with daily routine schedule changes, which may only get worse. We are dealing with our own fears, worrying about our children, and may even feel burned out, depressed and stressed. Let’s meet together, just us women, in order to support each other while we are all in the same boat. Let’s share our coping styles and methods and most importantly, let’s be together to talk and listen to each other during this isolated period in our lives. This group is a chat-based group, with a professional facilitator, that will help you engage in a safe and relaxed environment.

About Anna Fautz

Doctorate in Psychology, Master’s of Social Work, Ana has a wealth of experience conducting chat-based emotional support groups. Highlights of her groups include semi-structured programming, with a focus on group process. She has experience in clinical case management and individual therapy. She is passionate about working with groups and individuals to overcome adversity through fostering personal resilience and building positive relationships.

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