Managing the Emotional Challenges of Being a Caregiver Of a Parkinson Patient During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Age Range: 40-50

Group Facilitator | Yohnit Sparuch

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Being the primary caregiver of an Parkinson parient during the coronavirus crisis can be terrifying. Worrying about your loved one’s health during a pandemic is even more stressful than ever and the fear of them being infected is overwhelming. Simultaneously dealing with your own life’s juggle and their needs can take a negative toll on your own sanity. Come join our stress-relieving support group to meet other caregivers dealing with similar challenges and emotions and be uplifted by the impact of the group dynamic.

About Yohnit Sparuch

ohnit Spruch is a Social worker with over 15 years of experience working with individuals, families and groups. She has worked in social services, rehabilitation, hospitals and schools. She has experience working with mental illness, Alzheimer’s support, depression, suicide prevention, bullying, trauma as well as teaching and training. Yohnit’s passion is to provide support during challenging times that we all experience in life and to help people to take steps to empower themselves.

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