Promoting Well-Being in the Face of Infertility

Group Facilitator | Anna Fautz

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Going through IVF treatments means dealing with a vast array of emotions, facing recurrent losses, dealing with mourning phases, depression and marital problems. The stress and the anticipation can be overwhelming, and the most prominent feeling is being alone. Join us in a group of 7 women, going through similar experiences, to share your emotions, fears, losses and challenges, with a professional facilitator in a safe and respectable atmosphere. Join us now! Together is Better.

About Anna Fautz

Doctorate at Psychology, Master’s of Social Work, Experience with conducting chat-based services, Provides a semi-structured program with a focus on group process. Experienced in clinical case management, individual therapy. Passionate about working with groups and individuals to overcome adversity through fostering personal resilience and building positive relationships.

7 Group Members

1 Facilitator

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