How To Deal With Coronavirus Anxiety & Depression

Group Facilitator | Anna Fauz

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As the Coronavirus continues to spread, you may feel anxious, panicked, depressed and in general feel like you are going through an emotional rollercoaster. Join our chat group, lead by a professional facilitator, to gain resilience tools to deal with all the emotional challenges. 7 people, dealing with your same issues, share and care for one another. You are not alone.

About Anna Fauz

A clinical social worker, a therapist and a group facilitator in 7chairs Platform. Doctorate at Psychology, Master’s of Social Work, Experience with conducting chat-based services, Provides a semi-structured program with a focus on group process. Experienced in clinical case management, individual therapy. Passionate about working with groups and individuals to overcome adversity through fostering personal resilience and building positive relationships.

7 Group Members

1 Facilitator

Twice A Week


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