Managing the Emotional Challenges of Being a Caregiver During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Group Facilitator | Anna Fautz

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Being the primary caregiver of an elderly parent during the coronavirus crisis can be terrifying. Worrying about your elderly loved one’s health during a pandemic is even more stressful than ever and the fear of them being infected is overwhelming. Simultaneously dealing with your own life’s juggle and their needs can take a negative toll on your own sanity. Come join our stress-relieving support group to meet other caregivers dealing with similar challenges and emotions and be uplifted by the impact of the group dynamic.

About Anna Fautz

Doctorate at Psychology, Master’s of Social Work, Experience with conducting chat-based services, Provides a semi-structured program with a focus on group process. Experienced in clinical case management, individual therapy. Passionate about working with groups and individuals to overcome adversity through fostering personal resilience and building positive relationships.

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