Conquering Your Anxiety, Fears and Stress During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Age Range: 46 - 55

Group Facilitator | Michelle Eileen Lind

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If you feel stress, existential anxiety, distress; if you feel that the world is in chaos, and are on an emotional rollercoaster during this coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, well, you’re not alone! Join our 7chairs group, where 7 women, age 46-55, in Florida, meet together twice a week, coping together with common challenges during this unexpected and bleak reality – supported by trained professionals. Learn how to cope better with this new situation, how to manage your stress, and concentrate on what you can control. Join us right now, and don’t be alone!

About Michelle Eileen Lind

Doctorate in Health Sciences, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Michelle has vast experience providing telehealth services, and conducting chat-based support.

7 Group Members

1 Facilitator

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