Empathy vs Sympathy

Soo Jin Lee The term empathy and sympathy are used interchangeably in our culture today. According to the American dictionary, both words, sympathy and empathy, have roots in the Greek term páthos meaning “suffering”. Empathy is commonly confused with sympathy, however, there is an important distinction between the two words.  Sympathy is a word that […]

How to Portray Empathy in a Text-Based Support Group

Have you ever tried to write a ‘get-well-soon’ letter to someone suffering from an illness? It’s not easy to offer comfort in greeting cards and you might wonder if your get-well wishes translate the empathetic gesture to those receiving the care. It seems at least the effort to gift a greeting card adds to our […]

Qualities of a Good Online Group Facilitator

By: Anna Fautz When facilitating online groups, there are various qualities that allow a person to succeed and enjoy their work. Exploring these qualities will help us see how we can relate with our strengths, and where we can expand ourselves to incorporate more skills. Here are a few qualities that you will probably relate […]

5 Tips for Facilitating Online Groups

Online services are the way of the future. They are also highly effective when it comes to group support services. Bringing people together online and harnessing the power of group support is highly rewarding for many facilitators. Here are a few tips I’ve learned while facilitating online support groups.  Take care of the setting  As […]