Mindset Matters: Alleviating Everyday Stressors When Going Through a Divorce

Balancing life and your emotions while going through a divorce can be difficult.  Thriving after a divorce can be challenging.  Anything is possible, however, with the right mindset.  In the United States, half of all marriages will end in divorce.  The likelihood of divorce increases with each subsequent marriage.  Divorce is so common, (a divorce […]

My Lessons Learned From Joining A Grief Support Group

Anyone who has lost a loved one has a story important to be told.  The stories are sad.  The stories are heart-wrenching.  All are unique and real.  Death does not discriminate and neither does grief.  We will all experience loss at some point in our lives.  Yet, the stigma, silence and taboos surrounding grief only […]

Empathy vs Sympathy

Soo Jin Lee The term empathy and sympathy are used interchangeably in our culture today. According to the American dictionary, both words, sympathy and empathy, have roots in the Greek term páthos meaning “suffering”. Empathy is commonly confused with sympathy, however, there is an important distinction between the two words.  Sympathy is a word that […]

How to Portray Empathy in a Text-Based Support Group

Have you ever tried to write a ‘get-well-soon’ letter to someone suffering from an illness? It’s not easy to offer comfort in greeting cards and you might wonder if your get-well wishes translate the empathetic gesture to those receiving the care. It seems at least the effort to gift a greeting card adds to our […]

The Best Summer Activities to Alleviate Stress

Summer has finally arrived.  And more so than ever, we are ready for it and the good times that it brings.  There are so many great things about summer: long sunny days, school break for the kids, fun filled days at the beach, and adventurous family vacations to name a few.  Summer means different things […]

The Benefits of Joining a Support Group

Soo Jin Lee Support groups offer a space where people can share common issues, ranging from health concerns to emotional needs. In well-formulated groups, the members can express their honest thoughts and struggles without the fear of judgment. Support groups can be utilized as supplemental to medical treatments or individual therapy services to cultivate healing […]

Five Tips To Mindfully Calm Your Anxiety

Buddhist monk and peace activist Thich Nhat Hahn said that when feeling anxious we should “Smile, breathe and go slowly.”  Much truth is held in these simple actions. But sometimes no matter how hard we try, controlling anxiety is easier said than done.  If getting rid of anxiety appears so easy on the surface, then […]

Is Group Therapy as Effective as Individual Therapy?

You have decided it is time to get support for the challenges you are facing.  You have already done the hardest part by recognizing that you no longer want to face what is challenging you alone.  The decision to start therapy can be scary.  It can be even scarier when you are unsure of what […]

How relating to others going through similar life experience can be helpful

Soo Jin Lee Life throws unexpected adversities your way, and at times, it may feel as though you are the only one dealing with such a tragedy. Support groups are a place to meet with others going through similar life challenges. Meeting a group of strangers can be intimidating at first, but sharing a common […]