New: COVID Stress Relief Exercise

Living through a global health epidemic is a new experience for all of us, and many people around the world are experiencing stress and anxiety related to the coronavirus. While everyone’s experience is different, many of us are dealing with similar issues.

To provide emotional relief and support, we launched a new COVID Stress Relief exercise, based on the latest CBT (cognitive-based therapy) methodology. CBT has proven to help people learn how to manage stressful life situations, and the exercise designed to provide real, immediate relief for anyone who is feeling stressed or unsettled. 

How it works:

The exercise is a series of questions, all designed to help you feel better right now. You get to chose between some options and also to write a little bit about your feelings and experiences. 

Completing the exercise will take about 10 minutes, but feel free to pause and get back to it whenever you can. Remember – this is about you feeling better, so be attentive to your feelings throughout the exercise. 

Once you answer a question, you’ll see a selection of real, anonymous answers from other people – showing you that you’re not alone. We are always stronger together.

Start feeling better right now.

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