The Healing Power of Grief Journaling: 10 Writing Prompts to Get You Started

After the loss of a loved one it is common to feel that you are going through the movements of life with very little purpose.  Grief can be overwhelming, lonely and long lasting.  The emotions of grief are all encompassing and oftentimes it may feel difficult to find a safe space to let your feelings out.  After the loss of your loved one you may have many things you want to share with them.  For others you may feel that while they were alive you have left important things unsaid. Writing or grief journaling can be an excellent tool to express your emotions in a safe and healing way.  Writing can be therapeutic, cathartic and can help you to organize feelings or sort through conflicting emotions.  

Writing may come easy to you. Perhaps, it is something that you find enjoyable.  Or you may be thinking I have never been a writer. I am not very good at it.  I don’t know even know how to get started with grief journaling.  The good news is that grief journaling is a healing tool available to everyone.

Whether you are a seasoned writer or new to the practice, here are some writing prompts to get you started.  Feel free to use a computer if you are more comfortable.  Paper and pen work equally as well.  Or if you are super tech savvy, there are even journal apps to get you started, such as Don’t worry about grammar of spelling.  This grief journal is for you and does not need to be read by anyone else.  Let your thoughts, emotions and even tears flow freely. 

Ten Writing Prompts For Grief Journaling

  1. The hardest time of day for me is………..
  2. My favorite memory about my loved one is………….
  3. If I could speak to my loved one right now I would say…………..
  4. The three things my loved one loved about me were……
  5. The hardest part of grieving is………………
  6. Who can I reach out to when I am sad.  My support system includes…..
  7. The things that help me the most right now are?
  8. How have you changed since your loved one died?
  9. If you had one more day with your loved one what would you do?
  10. How can you best honor the memory of your loved one?

Remember, the only way out of grief is to go through it. Painful as it may be acknowledging and accepting emotions, feelings and a new way of living is necessary for healing to begin.  Try setting aside some time when you wake up or in the evening to write every day for a few weeks. It is our hope that you will find grief journaling valuable and meaningful.  And with time the release of emotions in a positive way will help you to feel a little bit better with each new day.

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