How to determine when it’s a good time for you to join a support group?

Soo Jin Lee

Have you been told that you should join a support group by your doctor or your family members? Are you trying to figure out when you should join a support group? These are signs that it may be time to start looking for a support group today!

You are isolating yourself

One of the first experiences for many people that are struggling is isolation. You may be spending more time in your room, avoiding your friends, and creating excuses for family gatherings. This can become an easy pattern for avoiding your negative emotions and people that are trying to assist you. At a certain point, you might even find yourself feeling comfortable with being alone. 

Research has found isolation to have adverse health effects including insomnia, memory issues, impairments in decision making, cardiovascular health issues, and a decline in the immune system(1). If you find yourself feeling more lonely and isolated, it’s time to find you the support that you need today. 

No one seems to understand what you are going through

There is a wide range of responses to your hardships and difficulties from family members and friends. Some responses are helpful and others might not be as supportive. You might find yourself feeling tired of explaining your situation or your emotions again and again. If you are struggling to find a sense of understanding from others and feeling alone through your process, it’s a sign that you need a different type of support. 

Your emotional journey is unique to your situation, and it may seem that the only people that can fully understand are those struggling with the same difficulties. If you are starting to feel the limitations of your support system, there is a community for you. Support groups are a space where you will share a common ground with others. 

You need new ways of coping with your situation

One of the commonly shared emotions while going through tough times is the feeling of being out of control. You might find yourself spinning out of control with your emotions as you feel a sense of loss in control over your situation. When this happens, it’s normal to attempt to regain control through different coping mechanisms. Some coping strategies you are using might be helpful and healthy, while other strategies might be causing more problems in your life and current situation.

It is important for you to find a healthy way to cope with your situation that is unique to you. It can be helpful for you to discuss these coping skills with others that are also in the same situation as you are. Don’t be afraid to seek help and find new ways to deal with your situation before things spin out of control.

Here are the top reasons people find it helpful to join a support group:

  1. You are looking for an understanding of your situation

You have questions about yourself, your situation, and the future. If the why’s and how’s of your difficulties are ruminating at night and interrupting your daily activities, it’s time to gain an understanding of what you are going through. If you are unsure where to ask specific questions about your situation, you will find support groups to be a safe place to find the answers. 

Support groups are a place where you will gain in-depth knowledge about your emotional process, practical tips for coping, and resources for your situation. The group facilitators are equipped to guide you through your emotional journey and other group members are present to share their knowledge of the journey.

  1. You want accountability for change

You want improvements in your life and have intentions to feel different, however, if your situation has taken over and you are finding yourself on the same downward spiral, you might need a gentle reminder to move forward towards change. 

You will find that there is a group of people that desire you to feel better and are in need of your support for their own change as well. Checking in each week and discussing the topics related to the shared emotions can be an effective way to find accountability. Find a support group today to bring about the change that you are looking for. 

7Chairs is a great place to start your journey of healing with others that understand your struggles. With the option to stay completely anonymous and access the support from the comfort of your own place, you don’t ever have to feel alone again.

Sign up to a support group today and tell us about your journey!

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