3 Tips to be ready for your first chat-based group session

Soo Jin Lee

You took the brave first step in reaching out for help and are now getting ready for your first chat-based group session. It is normal to feel anxious about what to expect for your first session.

You will be meeting with people you’ve never met before and sharing some of your deepest emotions in the next couple of weeks. It can be an exciting and fearful process to anticipate for your first chat-based group. 

Before you meet with your new weekly tribe, there are ways to get ready for your first meeting. The first meeting for the chat-based group can be much like an in-person group, and much different from it as well. You will find yourself in a safe nonjudgmental space, with others that are going through similar life difficulties as you are.

Be prepared and have an open mind to get the full benefit that the chat-based support group offers.

  1. Connect with your group facilitator

At 7Chairs, we make sure to provide you with highly trained and experienced mental health professionals to guide you through your emotional journey. Facilitators are here to get to know you on a personal level and are always available to answer any questions you may have. 

Getting in touch with your facilitator can help you to ease any anxiety you may have about starting the group, as well as provide you with a rundown of what you can expect from the group. You can engage with them through your preferred form of communication as you received greetings from your facilitator through email and phone. Simply reply back to them with any questions, or request a phone call.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the group rules

There are rules for any level of socialization, whether you are having a casual conversation with a friend, attending a small gathering, or participating in an online meeting, there are unsaid rules of how to appropriately engage with others. 

As you begin your journey with the online group, familiarizing yourself with the group rules will help you get the most out of each session.

  • Respect each other
  • Honor the anonymity of the individuals 
  • Arrive at the scheduled time weekly
  • Try your best to attend every week
  • Inform your facilitator 24 hrs in advance, if you are unable to arrive
  • Remain without distractions during the meeting
  1. Check for any technical issues by logging in 10 minutes before the session begins

The 7 Chairs platform is very convenient and accessible for all levels of technology users. Although we designed our chat room to be available for both PC and phones, we encourage you to use your laptop or PC to be able to view the entire chat.

You will experience various benefits of being in an online environment, but will need to log in to our secure platform first. Your facilitator should provide you with easy instructions on how to log into our platform. The simple 5 steps should only take you about 2 minutes to complete. By logging in 10 minutes before the session begins, you can avoid any technical issues and have plenty of time to talk to your facilitator about any questions that may arise during the login process.

You are now ready to experience the power of an online community with an open mind and an open heart. You will quickly feel connected with others that will embrace and understand your unique struggles. Give yourself to the experience and allow for your healing journey to begin.

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