You Don’t Have to Feel Alone With Your Psoriasis Diagnosis

How I’m Conquering Psoriasis Everyday

It’s another day at the clinic and you’re waiting in line for your routine consultation. It’s finally your turn and you get to see the doctor. She asks how you feel, and if there are any new concerns. Of course, you want to open up and talk to someone who understands. But then you remember there are others waiting in line, and she’s not your shrink. So, you brave it; accept the pills and smile as she wishes you a good day. But your days have been far from good…

Doctors could tell you all about the pathophysiology of psoriasis. They could prescribe some Methotrexate and Cyclosporine and send you home. But what happens throughout the week; when you call in sick because you’re just not up to face another day of odd looks? Or when you go to the discount store and you have to buy every clothe you try out—because, “It’s probably contagious”?

Dealing with Psoriasis: You First

No one understands the burden of psoriasis more than the one who has to wake up to it every morning. To some, it’s this vague skin condition with flakes and patches. To others, it must be something contagious, so you probably shouldn’t swim in the public pool. And to the average physician, it’s a “case” that needs taking care of. To a person with psoriasis, however, it’s 26 days missed from work each year. It’s depressive moods and withdrawal from company. It’s not being able to wear a bikini to the beach.

Living with psoriasis is like fighting two battles. It’s hard enough to battle the unforgiving, embarrassing stare of strangers who meet you at the gym, or at work. It’s even worse when you have to fight inner battles of self-worth and esteem. Pop culture standards of beauty and flawless skin do not help the situation either.

And that’s where we come in. At 7chairs, we understand the emotional burden you have to deal with. We understand that treatment goes way beyond pills, and that having people who understand what you’re going through—and are probably going through it themselves, can help much more than you know.

Integrating the Caregivers

Your partner loves you, no doubt, and is probably torn trying to understand what you’re feeling. They probably don’t get why you’re feeling angry with the world. Or why you would rather stay in and order take out than go on that dinner date. They love you, no doubt, but it’s a struggle to get into your world. Why not let them in here? There’s a forum for caregivers and loved ones to interact and be informed of what your condition is all about. They could ask questions to better understand, and help you deal with the difficult days. A knowledge of recent developments in treatment for psoriasis and various available options for therapy wouldn’t hurt them either. What’s more? A better understanding of psoriasis will strengthen your relationship and bonding, as you could discuss treatment options and side effects comfortably, even over dinner.

Emotional Health: A Support Group to Share With

Dealing with a chronic condition like psoriasis comes with a range of emotions. Fear; anger; self-pity; depression. It’s important to pay attention to those emotions as they give you a clue what’s going on inside you. The state of your mind could go a long way to affect your quality of life. It could also be a fairly correct predictor of your chances of winning over psoriasis. Because of how important your emotional health is, a community of people who understand you is key. There’s an online forum for interaction with fellow college students or discount store workers or tellers, wherever you fall in— bound by similar experiences. This way, you can interact, build friendships, and stay in the information loop. Find out what advantages light therapy has over the biological modifiers. Hear firsthand how someone else manages their guttate psoriasis.

You’ll find people with psoriasis dealing with challenges of their everyday lives—just like you. You’ll find that there are no censors, and you can be free to be you. Here, you’d find that you’re not alone after all.

With over 500 people on the platform, there’s room for interaction and learning. You could exchange DIY tips on just about anything. Get to know red flags to watch out for. Or you could find a friend for life. In any case, you identify with a family that understands, and that’s what matters.

Personalized Therapy: One-On-One Meetings

If you feel you need a one on one session with a trained therapist, that could be easily arranged. You can assess a member of the team of professionally trained psychotherapists to work with. Arrange a schedule that works for you, and just talk. Get those feelings off your chest; sort out the many emotions. You’ll find that things may not be so gloomy as they appear afterward.

7chairs is committed to your whole health, not just physical wellness. We’re waiting to welcome you to the family.

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